August 23, 2011

Standard chord CmM7

Basic knowledge on forming chord of CmM7 is first have to know all the main tones inside CmM7. I'm sure you already know about the triad in chord of C. Well, I can tell that CmM7 is the creative triad of C chord.
The main tones that create CmM7 are

July 21, 2011

Getting Started

Getting started with Guitar Lesson for beginners and Intermediate:

I think you should start to practice your fingers if you would like to be a great guitarist. Sometimes practice could be boring, but sometimes practice could be your adventure of life.

July 10, 2011

Paranoid scale tones

I think I don't have to ask: "Do you already know about C major scale?", 'cause I bet you already know about that. Well, this time I will share about C pentatonic major scale. The composition of the chord pentatonic major scale is <-one-><-one-><-one-half-><-one-><-one-half->. Example: <-C-><-D-><-E-><-G-><-A-><-C'->, the composition is referred to as C pentatonic major scale. Look at image below:

Note: see the green circle.
The scale is important to remember, because it will be useful to play melodic in any blues genre. Each person has different level of creativity in playing the melody on this basis of pentatonic major scale. The main tones in C pentatonic major scale are C - D - E - G - A. Tone of C act as the anchor -- Tone of G is the higher part sound of C tone when connected with song tones -- Tone of E is the bridge tone -- Tone of D is the creative tone -- Tone of A is the higher part of the creative D. Now, try to sound it on your guitar.
Nb: Practice could be dessert sometimes.

July 05, 2011

Nice Cadd6

Do you already know about Cadd6 chord? Well, this time I will tell you about Cadd6 chord. It's simply just creative chord from chord of C. It always sound nice when play this chord. You should try to play this one.
Now, see the image below (see the green circles):